Maureen’s Complete Downstairs Makeover

— Dewsbury, West Yorkshire​

A Seamless Journey:

Maureen’s Complete Downstairs Makeover


Dewsbury, West Yorkshire


Villa Cinerea – 12mm Laminate

Services Used:

From Joiner to Designer: Lee’s Exceptional Loft Conversion

Meet Maureen, a delightful customer who embarked on a lounge renovation project in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. From her first visit to The Flooring Outlet, Maureen exuded enthusiasm and a keen eye for stylish design. We were thrilled to assist her in finding the perfect laminate flooring to elevate her living space.

With our expert guidance, Maureen quickly found her match in the exquisite Villa Cinerea 12mm Laminate. This high-quality flooring not only met her aesthetic preferences but also offered the durability and resilience required for her bustling household.

Our team wasted no time in taking precise measurements and providing Maureen with an accurate estimate for the project. We understood the importance of attention to detail and aimed to deliver a flawless finish. Maureen’s lounge was soon transformed into a haven of elegance and sophistication, thanks to the meticulous installation carried out by our skilled team.

Impressed by the results, Maureen couldn’t help but extend her renovation plans. We were more than happy to assist her further. We scheduled a second visit to measure her kitchen and hallway, ensuring a seamless transition of the beautiful Villa Cinerea 12mm Laminate throughout her downstairs space.

Another Delighted Customer

Reflecting on her experience, Maureen’s words are a testament to the exceptional service and craftsmanship that we strive to deliver.

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