Lee’s Impressive Loft Conversion

— Leeds, West Yorkshire​

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Lee’s Impressive Loft Conversion


Leeds, West Yorkshire


Allora Oxford Grey – Herringbone Rigid SPC

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From Joiner to Designer: Lee’s Exceptional Loft Conversion

Meet Lee, a skilled joiner who embarked on a loft conversion project for his home in Leeds, West Yorkshire. As he meticulously planned every detail, Lee recognised that the final piece of the puzzle – the flooring – needed to be both waterproof and hardwearing. Turning to The Flooring Outlet for expert guidance, Lee found the perfect solution for his loft conversion.

Our team quickly identified the ideal flooring options for Lee’s project, recommending the stunning Allora Oxford Grey Herringbone Rigid SPC. This high-quality flooring not only met Lee’s practical requirements but also added a touch of elegance and sophistication to his space.

With the loft conversion timeline in mind, we went above and beyond to accommodate Lee’s needs. We stored the chosen flooring for him, allowing him to collect what he required at each stage of the project. This convenience ensured that Lee could focus on his joinery work while seamlessly integrating the flooring installation when the time was right.

As the loft conversion progressed, Lee came back to collect more flooring, appreciating our flexible approach and dedication to exceptional customer service. It was clear that Lee had a keen eye for detail and a knack for installation, as he expertly laid the Allora Oxford Grey Herringbone Rigid SPC, bringing his vision to life.

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Reflecting on his experience, Lee shared his satisfaction in a Google review and we take great pride in assisting customers like Lee and exceeding their expectations every step of the way.

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