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Flooring Makeovers on a Budget

Are you looking to refresh your flooring but aren’t ready for a long and costly installation process? We have compiled a shortlist of alternative flooring solutions for you that are both affordable and quick to install. 

Let’s dive into them

From £6 to £50 per Square Meter
Carpet is the best, most affordable option if you’re looking to give your house an entirely new look without spending too much money. It’s easy to install, always in trend, can be laid over any old surface, blends well with the interior, and most importantly, it’s way cheaper than any other flooring options such as tiles or hardwood.

The affordability extends to the variety of available materials. From synthetic materials, traditional or hand woven fibers to pet-friendly materials, you can select from a massive variety of carpeting materials to meet your design requirements and budget.

While carpets may not be as durable or long-lasting as tiles or hardwood they can come with a minimal price tag. It gives you the ability to completely overhaul the outlook of your home without breaking the bank.

£6 to£25 per Square Meter
Vinyl — a multi-layered synthetic material made from PVC is the latest innovation in the world of flooring. The cost-effective material is known for its durability, moisture resistance and ease of installation. It is the perfect alternative to tiles as it offers you a whole array of patterns and designs to choose from. Vinyl flooring is available in various forms, such as sheets and planks. You can also lay them out over existing tiles or wooden flooring for easy installation. So there’s something for everyone, for every budget. 

Moreover, it is extremely comfortable to walk on, providing a soft and warm surface under the floor. This characteristic adds a touch of cosiness to your space without sending thousands of pounds on floor heating systems. 
Lastly, vinyl is extremely easy to maintain and clean. It can easily handle moisture, so a thorough damp mop cleaning everyday or two is more than enough to keep your floor as good as new. Overall, vinyl is one of the most economical options for giving your house a completely new look without sacrificing thousands of pounds.

£10 to £30 per Square Meter
Hardwood remains the most favoured flooring option for UK households. It’s beautiful, it’s sturdy and it sells. However, it’s in no way cheap. Hardwood floors in the UK can cost well over £60 per square metre without accounting for the installation costs. The perfect solution? Laminate flooring

Just like vinyl, laminate is also a synthetic material, but unlike vinyl which uses PVC as a base layer, laminate uses MDF as the base layer. Therefore, it has the ability to provide all of the qualities and design options as real hardwood but with a much more affordable price tag. A square metre of good quality laminate flooring will only set you back £10 to £30, depending on the quality.

Moreover, laminate comes with a much lower installation cost thanks to its easy click installation. It can be installed using the floating floor method, where the individual laminate planks are interlocked to each other without being directly attached to the subfloor. This also allows you to lay your new flooring directly onto your old flooring. You can even install laminate as a DIY, as it very easy to cut and handle for beginners.

£6 to £25 per Square Meter
Linoleum has become one of the most popular options for inexpensive floor coverings. It is valued for its natural composition, durability, and easy maintenance. In addition, it is 100% water resistant, marked as a universal flooring material for both dry and wet rooms. It is available in all sorts of designs and patterns, from tiles to wood to ultra-realistic 3D designs. Using linoleum, you can quickly make repairs in permanent and temporary housing, for example, in a rented apartment or dorm room, and quickly transform the interior.

Installing linoleum is a fairly easy job. It is available in both rolls and planks and can be laid out on existing floors using glue or click-to-install technology. Maintaining linoleum is pretty straightforward too. You can use a damp cloth to clean it pretty quickly. 


Whether you are looking to change a room or completely overhaul your floors, all of the above mentioned materials can help you achieve the desired results without breaking the bank. For the best results, we recommend going with a mixture of these flooring options.

Go with laminate in the living rooms as it’s sturdy and won’t wear out from lots of people walking on it every day. For bathrooms and kitchens, vinyl would be a great option because of its water and stain-resistant properties. Lastly, for bedrooms, we recommend carpets for a cosy environment. Head over to The Flooring Outlet to revitalise your space today! 


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